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What Does This All Mean?

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

You ask, “What does all this touch and influence mean?” Why am I making a big

fuss here in the latter part of my life? Well, where do I begin? About a year ago,

what I’m doing never crossed my mind to make what I’m doing a big deal. In

In October of this year, I’ll be celebrating 47 years of the ultimate touch and influence I’ve experienced up until now. Never in my wildest dreams would I

have imagined what is now transpiring. Because of the touch of God through

Jesus and the influence he’s had in my life over the years is where I am. I’m

finding out that to the level of the touch and influence that you’re willing to

embrace (regardless of the source whether it’s a person, personality, a situation

that happened, or other things) to that measure you’re willing to reciprocate to

others. I know there are things in our lives that touch and influence us negatively,

and we see those effects all the time around us. My focus and message are to

touch and influence what has affected us positively and channel that touch and

influence to those who we may have an opportunity to touch and influence.

I believe we underestimated the power of touching and influencing another’s life.

People can be made to give up on things or inspired to do great things with a

mere understanding of what makes people tick, (valuing them). We were made in

God's image with all emotions and attributes, but the most powerful

attribute human beings possess is “LOVE”. To touch and influence people to me

means to love them unconditionally. I’m not purporting condoning behavior, but

loving them despite their condition. Many times, we look at another’s

condition and if it doesn’t meet our standards, we write them off. They are still

human beings and deserve love and treated with respect. Jesus loves people

where they were in hopes to bring them to the truth. Everyone deserves to be loved

and treated with value and respect.

As we embark upon this journey to touch and influence a life, let’s remember that

we hold the key with love, sensitivity, and valuing every life we encounter without

a respecter of person. I believe that when we touch lives, we are conquering evil

with good, darkness with light, hate with love, apathy about life involving

ourselves in other’s lives, whether it’s a word or deed.

Well, there you have it, a little synopsis of what all this means to touch and

influence a life. As we journey through life and as you journey with me on a quest

to touch and influence a life, you too will grow in your appreciation of humanity

and join me to make this world, what’s left of it, a better place to live.

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