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The Vision

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

It was a beautiful fall morning, as I supervise a group of about 10 to 12 Elementary boys and girls. I was hit with, “Brother Mike, he took my rope from me". So I immediately get involved in the conflict to settle the situation. Not soon after another individual comes up and complains, "Brother Mike, they will not let me ride the scooter. They've been on it a long time. I then go over and settle yet another conflict. Throughout the entire morning recess, there were several other incidences where children thought only of themselves, as it seemed, with no regard for the individuals they were playing with. I heard all morning, "It's my turn"," "I haven't been on that long", "I didn't get a chance to go", and "That's my ball, I got it first". Every word out of their mouths seemed like My, Me, and I, hence the term (character) Mymei was born.

I began on a journey trying to help the children think about others instead of themselves. I began using the character Weourus to promote the idea of We, Our, and Us to bring home this point. I spent time doing chapels to teach the concepts and even did a skit with the school during Chapels to help drive home the principles of We, Our, and Us to help them understand that we're all a part of the human race and that we need to be more sensitive to one another, and truly care about others feelings.

The characters stuck with the children and they began to identify the Mymei type of attitude versus the spirit of Weourus which has its foundation in We, Our, and Us. As I began to ponder upon these characters and their characteristics, I then got the vision to a write book to help young people and adults alike to remind us of the fact that we all are a part of humanity and a part of the human race and we need to treat others with dignity and respect and also be treated likewise.

The subtitle of the book," Schools In Session," also was driven and drawn from many years in education and other environments where children were, where I saw these same attitudes but at this stage of my life, a light came on. This vision connected me to

a board game I had created years ago that never came to fruition called "Schools In Session" was to help children respond appropriately in a school setting with some of the same principles from the board game that's also in the book.

One day, I believe in building upon that board game and seeing it come to life. So you have it. The Lord is helping me remember that you're never too old to see your vision come to fruition. I'm 66 years old. If God can do it for me, he can do it for you.

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