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As an educator and coach working in summer youth programs, I’ve had experiences working with young people, which prompted me to write a book about the sensitivity, and the importance of others.


Meet Mymei and Weourus as they encounter one another and others. Its amazing what transformation can happen when we become self-aware, encouraged, and interested in others. Although it starts off a little rocky, we soon discover that change can occur. This book is to encourage young people and adults alike to take a good look at our attitudes about self-centeredness and being sensitive of feelings of others. Enjoy the journey and I’m hopeful your life will be touched in some way to help this world be a better place to live.


Each short chapter includes:

  • Vocabulary words to ponder
  • Engagement questions
  • A word of wisdom
  • All to foster dialogue and discussion that will help us in our dealings with other people.

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