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On a mission to share a message of compassion and concern for children and families.  

Introducing a New Book Series, Adventures of Mymei and Weourus.

About Touch & Influence

Why am I making a big fuss here in the latter part of my life?  Well, where do I begin?  About a year ago, what I’m doing never crossed my mind to make what I’m doing a big deal.  In October of this year, I’ll be celebrating 47 years of the ultimate touch and influence that I’ve experienced up till now.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined what is now transpiring.  Because of the touch of God through Jesus and the influence he’s had in my life over the years, is where I am.  I’m finding out that to the level of the touch and influence that you’re willing to embrace (regardless of the source whether it’s a person, personality, situation that happened or other things) to that measure you’re willing to reciprocate to others.  I know there’s things in our life’s that touch an influence us negatively, and we see those effects all the time around us.  My focus and message are to touch and influence that has affected us positively and channel that touch and influence to those who we may have an opportunity to touch and influence.


On my website, you’ll find:

  • My books (Yes, this is the first; more to come)

  • Me and the Ministry (Touch and Influence)

  • My Heart (Join the list and get my blogs)

  • And more, more, more (testimonies, ideas and encouragement)

  • So, thank you for stopping by. Check in often and I look forward to hearing your stories of touch and influence in your community.


”Excellent book for students. It has a great message about how to teach your children kindness in a way that they can understand."

"A gorgeously illustrated book! Very good story showing kids how to be kind in different situations. Perfect for teaching to treat others the way you want to be treated yourself. It’s nice to see the evolution of character!"

"Sweet book, great for conversations with students and adults. I have read it many times with my 9 and 11-year-olds and they were always engaged each time!"

Sophia (Parent)

James (Youth Organization Leader)

Sam Donald, Educational Phycologist

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